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My boat won't level out, what can be the problem?

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The back keeps taking on water in the bilage pump area, what could the problem be
asked Sep 6, 2014 by Sharon Bellamy (180 points)

2 Answers

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Sharon..... we'll need a little more information here.  What kind of boat (sail or power), length/model, inboard or outboat power?  I'll take it your boat is afloat.

Is the bilge water fresh or salty or oily? Water can accumulate in the bilge from many(!) different sources. Does it accumulate only when you are underway, or when tied up, or ???   Give us a few hints.
answered Sep 17, 2014 by Sailbad the Sinner (3,940 points)
The water is salt water mixed in with a little oil, not a lot of oil.
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My boat is a 2004 18 1/2 foot outboard Boston Whaler (Nantucket) , it takes on water as I am running it out in the bay. Could it be the through way as someone suggested?
answered Sep 17, 2014 by Sharon Bellamy (180 points)